Report: Tech Luminaries Backing $99 Ouya Home Console

While Ouya, (the $99 Android-based games console that promises an open-source-style high-concept developer ecosystem) may be just a concept at this stage, it's hard not to take notice of it when so many major players are attached to it already. According to a post on AngelList (unearthed by Polygon / The Verge), the device has Jawbone Jambox and One Laptop Per Child designer Yves Behar, Ed Fries (inventor of the original Xbox), Amol Sarva of Peek, Amazon's Lab126 Muffi Ghadiali (who helped develop the Kindle), Peter Pham of Color, and Julie Uhrman of IGN as its founder and CEO.

There's no denying that this is a pretty impressive list of people backing this device. The Ouya promises to be cheap, easily connected to your TV and to give everyone that buys the device a development kit so they can develop their own stuff if they so choose.

We'll have more on this fascinating device as it becomes available.

Source: Polygon

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    Sleaker says:

    Really love small devices like this with lower costs.  I got excited about the Intel i5 mini machines then Intel announced they would be like $400, VIA makes similar devices, but again the cost of building them is above a couple hundred.  With the Rasberry Pi out at around $35 shipped with a couple accessories, it's nice to see someone else entering in at sub-$100 (even if just below), and with the intension of pushing it onto the Android OS.  Hopefully it will support re-configuring/installing completely with ones own OS.

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    hellfire7885 says:

    Eh, new consoles don't stanc much of a chance these days, but I'd like to see what comes of this.


    Though if Android is getting involved, I don't see apple being far behind, giving one of Jobs' missions in life was to crush Android.

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