Battlefield 3 Server Operators Get More Perks With Upcoming Update

If you are one of those people dedicated (or crazy depending on your perspective) enough to pay $30 a month to rent a Battlefield 3 server from EA DICE, then today's announcement will make you feel like you are getting more bang for your buck. EA announced that an upcoming update will add new match features which give server owners and players the ability to coordinate and schedule matches.

After the update is deployed, players who admin a server will be able to set up various aspects of matches including the time, server, settings, and the roster. These matches can be tweaked to your liking with a variety of settings such as friendly fire, 3D spotting, squad-leader spawning, kill cams, health regeneration, weapon unlocks, and many other options.

In addition to all that, users can take part in what EA DICE calls a "warm-up phase" before the match begins in which no kills or points are counted. These new match features will be available on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. EA did not reveal when these features will be added.

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Source: Polygon


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