THQ Australia to Honor GAME Australia Darksiders II Pre-Order Bonus

THQ Australia confirmed that it will honor all Darksiders II pre-order DLC bonuses purchased through retailer GAME Australia. The retailer announced this morning that it would close its 15 remaining stores on July 8.

GAME Australia had offered Australian customers who pre-ordered THQ's upcoming game the Deadly Despair DLC pack, but then it went into liquidation. Obviously if the retailer is no longer in business it won't be able to fulfill those promised pre-order bonuses.

Luckily, THQ Australia will be honoring the DLC bonus to customers who email the receipt of their original pre-order purchase from GAME along with a new pre-order receipt from any other retailer to Once received, THQ will send Deadly Despair codes out to qualified customers sometime shortly after the launch of Darksiders II.

Source: Polygon

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