Apple Gives Up on Green Electronics Certification for Computers

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has decided that its computer products will no longer be part of the government's Green Electronics Certification program. The Green Electronics Certification program designates that a product is "environmentally friendly."

Late last month Apple asked the organization in charge of registering devices as "environmentally friendly" (the EPEAT) to remove 39 certified desktop computers, monitors and laptops, which included past versions of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air from the list. To have a product listed an electronic device must be easily disassembled with common tools by recyclers so that they can separate various recyclable components.

Apple told the organization that its design direction was no longer compatible with the organization’s environmental requirements. Ultimately this move could cause all kinds of problems for governments and schools that are fond of using Apple products. One of the selling points is that Apple computer products were easily recycled.

On a related note, GIGA OM reports that the City of San Francisco is (again, according to the Wall Street Journal) the first municipality to say that it can no longer use Apple products. Officials at the San Francisco Department of Environment said this week that they would send out letters over the next few weeks letting all 50 of its agencies that Apple laptops and desktops "will no longer qualify" for purchase with city funds. The city did say that it would offer a waiver program for those who really want a Mac computer, but they describe the process as "long and onerous." While city officials are being dramatic about it, GIGA OM points out that Apple will barely notice the drop in sales because only 2 percent of computers used by the city are made by Apple.

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