Free Press Quietly Drops Legal Challenge to FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules

Advocacy group Free Press has quietly dropped its legal challenge to the FCC's net neutrality rules, according to a report in Unlike Verizon and MetroPCS who want to see the rules eliminated, the Free Press legal challenge went in the opposite direction noting that the new rules were not strong enough. Free Press's legal brief in the case was due on July 2 but Free Press quietly let that deadline pass.

"We felt that there were better ways to accomplish our goals of promoting Internet freedom, and decided to direct our resources elsewhere in the continued campaign to preserve the open Internet," said Free Press Policy Director Matt Wood.

Scott Cleland of believes the move was a fall-back to a more defensible position.

"Free Press obviously knows the Appeals Court has already found in Comcast vs. The FCC that the FCC does not have regulatory authority over broadband, and appreciates that Verizon has four strong additional legal and constitutional arguments against the FCC order," he said.


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