OUYA Kickstarter Off to a Rousing Start

July 10, 2012 -

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched for OUYA, the new Android-based home game console backed by Jawbone Jambox and One Laptop Per Child designer Yves Behar, Ed Fries (inventor of the original Xbox), Amol Sarva of Peek, Amazon's Lab126 Muffi Ghadiali (who helped develop the Kindle), Peter Pham of Color, and Julie Uhrman of IGN as its founder and CEO.

The console system, which promises a development kit for anyone that buys the $99 device, also has captured the interest of Minecraft developer Mojang, creator of Prince of Persia Jordan Mechner Jenova Chen of thatgamecompany (flOw, Cloud, and Flower), Adam Saltsman of Semi Secret (creator of Canabalt), Marek Rabas of Madfinger Games, and David Edery of Spry Fox (creator of Triple Town).

For more information on the new console, check out the video to your left or visit the Kickstarter page.

As of this writing the campaign has already raised $373,691 of its $950,000 goal from 2,902 backers with 29 more days to go.


Re: OUYA Kickstarter Off to a Rousing Start



22,654 backers

21k+ ordered OUYA

28 days to go...

Re: OUYA Kickstarter Off to a Rousing Start


11,431 backers

$1,438,262 pledged

And still 29 days to go.


Chris Kimberley

Re: OUYA Kickstarter Off to a Rousing Start

Already over $476,000. I am really excited about this console.

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