BioWare Offers Star Wars: The Old Republic Free Trial up to Level 15

While Star Wars: The Old Republic isn't free-to-play yet, BioWare and EA have made a move similar to what Blizzard did with its World of Warcraft trial version. BioWare announced today that the trial version of the game will let players try out the game free of charge up to level 15. Players will have access to all eight character classes, as well as access to player versus player and player versus environment gameplay.

After hitting the level cap in the trial, players who sign up for a full subscription to the game will be able to continue the characters they have played – complete with all the progress and items they have gained in the game.

No doubt BioWare hopes that this change in the trial version of the game will attract new subscribers to keep those paying customer numbers up.

Source: MCV

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