Megaupload Founder Would Willingly go to U.S. to Face Charges if DOJ Would Unfreeze Assets

Megaupload founder Kim DotCom was probably delighted to learn this week in a New Zealand court that his extradition hearing had been pushed to March of 2013. This gives him and his co-defendants a lot more time to fight the U.S. government's plans to extradite them to America to face a number of charges related to the popular file-sharing and hosting site allegedly used to share copyrighted materials. The U.S. government and New Zealand authorities took the site offline in January of this year and arrested DotCom and his colleagues for the aforementioned crimes.

But in an interview this week with the New Zealand Herald, DotCom said that he would willingly go to the U.S. to face charges if the government would unfreeze the millions of dollars in assets it seized so that he and his co-defendants can mount a proper defense. The charismatic site owner claims that he already owes millions of dollars in legal fees related to his defense.

"I have accumulated millions of dollars in legal bills and I haven’t been able to pay a single cent. They just want to hang me out to dry and wait until there is no support left," Dotcom told NZHerald.

Later on via his Twitter feed he offered an idea to the Department of Justice:

"Hey DOJ, we will go to the US. No need for extradition. We want bail, funds unfrozen for lawyers & living expenses," he posted on Twitter.

While he has made the offer – and we assume he's serious about it – DotCom doesn't expect the U.S. government to take it seriously:

"They will never agree to this and that is because they can’t win this case and they know that already."

Source: TorrentFreak

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