OUYA Kickstarter Inches Towards $3 Million Milestone

What a difference a few hours makes. The Kickstarter for OUYA, an Android-based home console system that promises a development kit for everyone and a strong open-source vibe, has already managed to raise an impressive $2,859,021 from 22,747 backers. This has to be a record, but the crowd funding campaign for the device still has 28 more days to go. The OUYA Kickstarter got off to a good start earlier in the week, generating close to $1 million in the first eight hours of its launch. The makers of OUYA were looking to hit a goal of $950,000.

The Android-based home game console has the support of One Laptop Per Child designer Yves Behar, Xbox inventor Ed Fries, Amol Sarva of Peek, Amazon's Lab126 Muffi Ghadiali (who helped develop the Kindle), Peter Pham of Color, and others.

We will continue to follow the OUYA Kickstarter and update you periodically on its funding numbers.

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