St. Louis Game Store Owner Gets More Jail Time for Sex Crimes Against Children

A St. Louis, Missouri man who has already been sentenced to 290 years in prison for a litany of sexual crimes against children, has been found guilty of even more crimes. Last year 42-year-old Leland Beasley was convicted for multiple child pornography crimes in U.S. District Court and was sentenced to a lengthy stay at a federal prison.

Now the St. Louis County court has found him guilty of multiple counts of child molestation, statutory sodomy, attempted statutory sodomy, and possession of child porn. He'll be sentenced for those crimes on August 24. Beasley is also awaiting trial for similar crimes in the city of St. Louis. That case will take place on August 27.

Investigators claim Beasley used the Game Station Sector 19 video game store on Lemay Ferry Road in St. Louis that he operated as a place to prey on his young victims – ranging in age from 9-to-14 years old between 2006 and 2009. Some of his crimes took place at the store location, where Beasley often hosted "sleepover parties," according to investigators.

Source: KDSK. Image via KDSK.

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