Carmageddon Developers: Kickstarter Fatigue is Setting In

Stainless Games said during a Develop Conference keynote that the thrill is slowly leaving Kickstarter projects and that developers who are considering a pitch to fund their game had better do their best to craft the best possible pitch they can to be successful.

The company raised over $600,000 to fund Carmageddon: Reincarnation on Kickstarter, but Stainless Games co-founders Neil Barnden and Patrick Buckland consider the process not to be as easy as waiting for the checks to roll in – a lot of work goes into these pitches.

"You really have to plan for it," Barnden told the audience. "We were semi-caught out by the amount attention the campaign actually got. Obviously you’ve got to make a pitch video, there’s the amount of management and attention that the backers need, and also the campaign needs to maintain interest throughout the time you’re actually running it. It is really considerable – you really have to have several people on it full time and completely dedicated to it."

"It’s very difficult for people that are completely new," Buckland added. "We have a brand and a heritage and people trust us. You might manage to get 20k for an iOS game but if you’re trying to get hundreds of thousands from a standing start I think you’re going to struggle."

"I haven’t thought about using it again," he continued. "Kickstarter has starting a new funding model and that model needs to evolve. Some projects will fail and people will start to get pissed off. If I put my money in this all I’m getting is a promise right now."

Source: Edge

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