David Perry Developing Game for Charity

July 12, 2012 -

When asked if he missed developing games during an Earthworm Jim retrospective at the Develop Conference in Brighton, Gaikai founder David Perry said that he has been dabbling with a game that he will release to benefit charity at some point. Perry has teamed up with charity OneBigGame to bring the spirit of a 1983 ZX Spectrum classic to iPad.

"Basically there’s a game I used to love, 3D Deathchase, on the ZX Spectrum," he said. "So I kinda challenged the team: can you get something like that working on an iPad? If you can get it to look really good we might make a game from it. And they came back with some visuals I’ve never seen before on an iPad, so I was like, let’s go. And we’re working on it right now."

Perry hopes that the game will be far enough along in the next few months so he can show a little bit of it to the public.

Selling Earthworm Jim developer Shiny Entertainment to Interplay "was the worst decision I ever made," Perry also revealed. He said that his worry over developing 3D games after Earthworm Jim 2 was released was one of the main reasons he sold the company off to Interplay.

Source: Edge

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