David Perry Developing Game for Charity

When asked if he missed developing games during an Earthworm Jim retrospective at the Develop Conference in Brighton, Gaikai founder David Perry said that he has been dabbling with a game that he will release to benefit charity at some point. Perry has teamed up with charity OneBigGame to bring the spirit of a 1983 ZX Spectrum classic to iPad.

"Basically there’s a game I used to love, 3D Deathchase, on the ZX Spectrum," he said. "So I kinda challenged the team: can you get something like that working on an iPad? If you can get it to look really good we might make a game from it. And they came back with some visuals I’ve never seen before on an iPad, so I was like, let’s go. And we’re working on it right now."

Perry hopes that the game will be far enough along in the next few months so he can show a little bit of it to the public.

Selling Earthworm Jim developer Shiny Entertainment to Interplay "was the worst decision I ever made," Perry also revealed. He said that his worry over developing 3D games after Earthworm Jim 2 was released was one of the main reasons he sold the company off to Interplay.

Source: Edge

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