Poll: How Much Money Will the OUYA Kickstarter Raise?

The Kickstarter for OUYA, the Android-based, indie developer-friendly home games console has been kicking ass and taking names since it launched a few days ago.

According to Kickstarter’s blog, OUYA is the eighth Kickstarter project to raise more than a million dollars and by far the fastest to do so.  Previous record holder Double Fine Adventure took 17.5 hours to raise $1 million.  OUYA did it in just under 8.5.  OUYA also has the highest single-day total, earning more than $2.5 million in its first 24 hours.

As of this writing, over 32,000 backers have pledged $4.1 million dollars.  

So, just how far is this sucker going to go?

If you direct your eyeballs to the right, you’ll notice a brand, spanking new poll below the LOGIN box.  Cast your vote and let us know where you think the grand total will end up and we’ll reveal the results on the next SuperPAC podcast.

Have a burning opinion on the OUYA that you just can’t keep to yourself?  Leave it in the comments section.  Feel free to discuss anything from the absurd amount of money this thing is raising to how successful it will be when it finally sees release.  Write something particularly cool or insightful and we might just read it on the next podcast!

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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