UKIE Promises Greater Focus on Providing Services to UK Developers

Speaking with MCV, UK games industry trade group UKIE detailed its new strategy to focus more on helping game developers.

UKIE CEO Jo Twist says that the trade group will focus more on what aid it can offer to developers along with its continued political lobbying and market research efforts. When UKIE started, its membership was divided among publishing companies and studios. Now that demographic has shifted with more companies developing games and many of those companies using business models that allow them to self publish their own works. Many of its members also dabble in other areas such as digital distribution and licensing.

"I think that our new strategy addresses all of their needs – but then that feed back into what every single one of our members need too," Twist said. "People say 'why not focus on just publishers, or just developers' but our industry is so diverse now. Take Mind Candy, it's a retailer, a licensor, a games company, a music company – that's the shape of the industry now. So we've refined that strategy, and this year we have very tangible things to offer and attract new companies, start ups and anyone in development."

According to the MCV report, three programs will shape what the future UKIE does:

The Industry Transition Programme. This is for the ‘old school’ element of Ukie that wants to learn about the new world of games and succeed in them. Ukie says that’s “publishers, media entertainment companies and others looking to transition into new marketplaces and business models”. Most important here is offering more research, analysis and insight into trends, marketplaces and consumer behaviour.

The Growth Ready Programme. This is for new businesses and start-ups, “developers, indies and new entertainment businesses who are redefining the industry”. A new Ukie website filled with documents and info for growing businesses is key here, with an emphasis on networking and knowledge sharing events.

The Talent Development Programme. This will focus on young talent (school aged children, school leavers, graduates and postgraduates) that wants to be in the games industry. Elements range from implementing the recommendations of the Next Gen skills report introducing Student membership.

Develop offers some more insight on UKIE's plans in this document.

Source: MCV

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