From the Ashes of Spellbound Entertainment Comes Black Forest Games

Gothic 4 developer Spellbound Entertainment has risen from the ashes of bankruptcy to become a brand new company called Black Forest Games. The development studio is being staffed by 40 of its 65 former employees and is still based in Germany. With its financial troubles in the rear-view mirror, the company hopes to get back to making the best strategy and role-playing games that it can make.

"Black Forest Games will add to the legacy of Spellbound Entertainment by empowering the core of the team to build an even greater company that is tuned to today's market opportunities," commented CEO Andreas Speer. "With the talent and IP we have internally, we know we'll again be recognized as a leader in the creation of games for the RPG and strategy genres."

Gothic 4 ended up being the last game made by Spellbound before it ran into its financial trouble. While Gothic 4 wasn't the worst role-playing game ever made, the entry in the popular RPG series owned by Piranha Bytes (licensed to JoWooD at the time) didn't feel like a true Gothic RPG sequel.

The rights to that game are still owned by Piranha Bytes and the licensing for it has reverted back to the developer, which means that if there is another game in the series it will return to its roots.

Hopefully Black Forest Games can get back to making games that have a modest appeal in both Europe and the United States. We wish them the best of luck moving forward.

Source: Eurogamer

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