OUYA Hits $4.47 Million Funding Mark

Since we're running a poll on it right now (if you haven't voted yet you can go here and do so now – even if you are not a registered member of GP), it seems only right that we offer a new update on the current level of funding for OUYA, the Android-based home console that has everyone either very excited or very concerned about the future of home consoles.

Those issues aside, OUYA has raised $4,473,262 in funding from 35,167 backers in the Kickstarter community as of this writing. The comments section of this Kickstarter are showing a tiny bit of concern about the system's hardware and other small issues but generally excitement for the OUYA continues to build.

We'll offer another update on it tomorrow if it makes it past $5 million. On a related note, the results of our poll will be revealed on the next episode of Super Podcast Action Committee.

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