Monroe, New Jersey Pipe Bomb Attack Tied to 'Video Game Community'

July 16, 2012 -

Three men have been arrested for their part in bombing a home in New Jersey, but the most bizarre thing about the case is a vague connection to a "video game community." What video game community? We do not know, nor does the New York CBS station that published the story or the victimized family who made the comment.

Three New Jersey men (Michael and Jonathan Cavallo, and Matt Debski) have been charged with allegedly throwing three pipe bombs into the Monroe, New Jersey home of Jeanne Bezerra. The attack started when one of those pipe bombs was thrown into the window of her teenage daughter's room. Another bomb was thrown into her bedroom, followed by a third pipe bomb that was thrown just as the local police arrived at the scene.

Scared, the family first took refuge in a closet, but as the house filled with smoke they all made their way to the garage.

"So we hid in the closet because then we heard another explosion. While we were on the phone with 911 the fire alarms went off and the emergency person was telling us to leave the house, but we said we think we’re under attack, and we’re afraid if we leave the house we are going to get shot," Bezerra told CBS 2.

Eventually police caught up with the suspects and arrested them. They face a litany of charges related to the incident. CBS 2 said that they were facing 21 counts but what the exact nature of those charges were were not detailed. Police recovered eight pipe bombs.

The Bezerra’s told CBS 2 that they believe the attacks were somehow related to their oldest son’s involvement in a video game community. They did not say what video game community it might be. Call of Duty? World of Warcraft? Battlefield 3? We just do not know. Hopefully more details will come to light as this case makes its way through the local courts.

Source: CBS 2 New York

"Cartoon pipe bomb with lit fuse" © Anton Brand / Shutterstock. All rights reserved, used with permission.


Re: Monroe, New Jersey Pipe Bomb Attack Tied to 'Video Game ...

maybe it was the WBC. the family did hide in a closet after all.

see? I can make crackpot theories too. even if I make a weak connection, it doesn't make it true

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Re: Monroe, New Jersey Pipe Bomb Attack Tied to 'Video Game ...

Uuhggg rant redacted ><

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Let's renegotiate them.




Re: Monroe, New Jersey Pipe Bomb Attack Tied to 'Video Game ...

Interesting.  When I was trying to find information about this story earlier, outlets where not saying anything about perpetrators or motivation.  The only thing I saw it tied to was some earlier antisemetic bombings, and those ties were pretty much guesswork.

Re: Monroe, New Jersey Pipe Bomb Attack Tied to 'Video Game ...

It was probably Farmville. The kid they were attacking probably stopped helping the three attackers harvest their crops.

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