Nvidia User Forums Hacked

July 16, 2012 -

Graphics hardware maker Nvidia acknowledged that its user forums were hacked last week by unauthorized third parties and that user details may have been compromised. In light of the security breach Nvidia has temporarily suspended all of its web-based services.

The company said that it was forced to shut down its official forums last week, after it identified what it characterized as "suspicious activity" on the site. Nvidia confirmed that hackers accessed usernames, email addresses, passwords and more.

"We apologize that our continuing investigation is taking this long," the company wrote. "Know that we are working around the clock to ensure that secure operations can be restored. NVIDIA is continuing to investigate this matter and is working to restore the Forums as soon as possible. We are employing additional security measures to minimize the impact of future attacks."

Source: GamesIndustry International


Re: Nvidia User Forums Hacked

Hopefully they had enough sense to store the passwords hashed/encrypted unlike several other sites and forums that have been hacked in the past. Still sucks though.

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