Origin Boss Acknowledges the Negative Reaction to Origin from Hardcore Gamers

David DeMartini, the man in charge of EA's Origin platform, said in a recent conversation with MCV that he knows that some hardcore gamers have "issues" with his company's digital download service but wasn't all that surprised with the negative reaction.

"People forget that when Steam launched, there was a lot of backlash from the core," he said. "Origin represents a change, and anytime EA does something that is significant in the industry, it generates a certain amount of reaction. The hardcore sometimes has issues with Origin, but they seem to love these crowd-funded games. It was one of the few things we have done that wasn't controversial and nobody had anything negative to say."

He went on to say that he hopes that promotions like Origin providing Kickstarter-funded games to be listed for free on the service will slowly win fans over. Ultimately DeMartini says that he wants Origin to be a better version of Steam, but many users who have been forced to use it because they want to play a particular EA offering think Origin has a long way to go before it can match the usability of the Steam client.

Source: CVG

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