Origin Boss Acknowledges the Negative Reaction to Origin from Hardcore Gamers

David DeMartini, the man in charge of EA's Origin platform, said in a recent conversation with MCV that he knows that some hardcore gamers have "issues" with his company's digital download service but wasn't all that surprised with the negative reaction.

"People forget that when Steam launched, there was a lot of backlash from the core," he said. "Origin represents a change, and anytime EA does something that is significant in the industry, it generates a certain amount of reaction. The hardcore sometimes has issues with Origin, but they seem to love these crowd-funded games. It was one of the few things we have done that wasn't controversial and nobody had anything negative to say."

He went on to say that he hopes that promotions like Origin providing Kickstarter-funded games to be listed for free on the service will slowly win fans over. Ultimately DeMartini says that he wants Origin to be a better version of Steam, but many users who have been forced to use it because they want to play a particular EA offering think Origin has a long way to go before it can match the usability of the Steam client.

Source: CVG

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    axiomatic says:

    Well with the current Origin I'm not seeing the value add for the consumer like I do with Steam. With Origin the in game chat stinks, you are notified possibly an hour after you have already been playing with a friend that they have come online. There are no achievements, no comments, no recommendations, not much of anything except the bare minimum to get in and play the game.

    Work on all that and THEN you can claim to at least met the Steam feature baseline, and then you have to try to raise the bar higher.

    Get to work.

    Edit: Origin and EA need to speak with one voice in marketing too. One week you chastise Steam for their sales model, while EA already has a sale going. That kind of stuff makes you look incompetent.

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    lordlundar says:

    The reason there was backlash towards Steam when it first launched was because it was nothing more than a multi-game horribly restrictive DRM system that offered no real benefit toward the consumers. Valve listened to the complaints and rebuilt it into a viable digital distribution model that works well for bot content providers and consumers.

    Origin has started off as a multi-game, horribly restrictive DRM system that offers no real benefit toward the consumers. EA has ignored the complaints that wouldn't result in legal action and given a giant middle digit salute to any potential consumers.

    THAT's the difference between the two systems.

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    djnforce9 says:

    Nor is the EA store sending you an expired discount code (has happened to me) or one that only works on an incredibly narrow range of games (e.g. 50% all games that are over $50 but NOT any of our most popular titles or ones that just came out). That kind of stuff needs to be fixed as well. Then there's questionable antics such as the promo to buy Mass Effect 3 and get Battlefield 3 promo that they not only retracted soon after but didn't include those that pre-ordered just before the promo went live.


    Those kinds of antics needs to go and then Origin needs to do "something" that Steam doesn't. So far I have not found anything other than you being able to re-located the games installation directory to whereever you want instead of it being stuck in the Origin installation folder.

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    Prof_Sarcastic says:

    Talk is cheap.  let's see what other 'promotions' you have planned.  Who knows, maybe, just maybe, Origin might become a viable competitor.  But so far it looks unlikely.  For example, "large discounts are bad" isn't a great promotion in my eyes.

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    ZippyDSMlee says:

    Ya Steam was hated for awhile and still dose not have a functioning offline mode(half the time it wants to be online to go offline) but EAs big O is 100 times worse.

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    Technogeek says:

    I wouldn't say that they went over his head so much as "he can't outright say 'the hardcore gaming community hates us and everything we stand for' without pissing off the higher-ups and/or causing the stock lose value faster than my wallet during the Steam summer sale".

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    Sleaker says:

    Initial response to Steam was negative due to it being a brand new technology that people thought would limit their access to games by forcing you to be online always. 

    Steam has done it's very best to rectify this issue (besides the installation process on some retail games for activation).  By allowing offline mode, etc.  There are still hesitations from many people about Steam in this regard.. But Origin is pulling flack for many more reasons that just this, and not because of fanboism either.

    now that Steam has pioneered past and shown that they can be a great service, and proven that they don't restrict you to only being able to access your purchased software while being online, people are accepting of it.  In addition the company has a great operating model, and is still leading innovation in it's area. (Plans to have Steam Android w/ non-game purchases etc!) 

    Origin however, is coming in after all of this and trying to claim it's going to be different.  They've already proven that they are different with the launch of Battlefield 3, and not in good ways, or ways that players are wanting.  So yes, there's a huge negativity around it.  not because it's pioneering anything.  It's because Origin is a trash product, and people don't want to be tied down to EA bullshit.

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    Neeneko says:

    Or time.  Who is on top and who is not can change with only a few years of user turnover.

    People tend to forget that the community is rather age-staggered, horizontal bands of 'common sense' that when you go up or down a few years may or may not be the same.  Steam holds a big place in the hearts of certain age groups and continues to pull in younger players, BUT that can change pretty quickly and Valve missteps or Origin produces something that really attracts (by hook or by crook) incoming people.

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    MaskedPixelante says:

    There is NO chance Origin will beat Steam. At all. Ever. The only way they could ever beat Steam is if Steam were shut down. And, even then, they still need to beat every other digital distribution platform in existence.

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