My Xbox Live App Now Fully Functional on iPad

In what could be considered taking a great stride towards the promise of Microsoft’s Smart Glass, the company has revealed that its My Xbox Live app is now fully compatible with Apple's iPad. Microsoft's app now provides the same capabilities that were added to other Apple devices last month including the iPhone and iPod touch.

Microsoft delivered a rudimentary version of the app in December of 2011. It allowed Xbox Live subscribers to remotely browse Xbox Live content, friend lists, and messages. Last month Microsoft released update 1.5, which added full Xbox Companion remote control capabilities for the iPhone, Windows Phone 7 and Android. A new update, update 1.6, brings the iPad app up to speed with all the other supported devices. Now iPad users have the ability to browse video content, launch games, play DVDs and navigate the console's full user interface.

You can check out the newest version of the iPad app on iTunes.

Source: AppInsider by way of TechRadar.

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