New Game Genie Shipping Today

One of the reasons that the game cheat industry collapsed was because Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft created systems that had varying degrees of connectivity to online, achievements, and multiplayer. That's why products like the original Game Geneie from Galoob and the GameShark have long since died. But Hyperkin is jumping headfirst into the abandoned space with a brand new Game Genie. You may fondly remember the Game Genie as a popular cheat device for such consoles as the Sega Genesis and the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The new Game Genie is shipping today for the PS3 and it will only work with single-player games. The new USB-based device will allow users to download their saved games to a PC and then edit them to give players things like God Mode, infinite ammo and other perks. The software comes on a USB device which you install on your computer. The USB drive is used to transfer save files between the PS3 and the PC. Once you download those save files, you can check the program for the latest codes to edit your save game from a regularly updated database that the company will host online. The software will also allow players to trade save games if that's their thing.

The company has said that it is very aware of the concerns that some might have about people using the device to cheat in multiplayer games. They have vowed to continually monitor for any codes that can affect multiplayer and to remove ones they think facilitate such shenanigans. One concern that consumers should have while considering the purchase of this new device is if Sony will do anything to block the device on the PS3 with a future update.

You can find out more about the new Game Genie at


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