Poll: Would You Delete Your Copy of a Game You Resold?

Earlier this month, the European Court of Justice ruled that game publishers cannot stop European consumers from reselling their downloaded games.  Not only that, but a publisher may have to facilitate such a transaction by allowing the recipient of the sale to download their “used” copy from its website.

Oh yeah, they’re going to love that.

However, the Court made it clear that once you sell your digital copy, you no longer have the right to play it.  So, this week’s poll (which you can find to your right below the LOGIN box) asks if you can be trusted to delete your digital copy of a game you just sold.   Are you a law-abiding little doo-bee?  Or do publishers have a good reason to frequently treat us like criminals?

Or is this issue more complex than that?

Once you’ve cast your vote, hit up the comments section of this article and share your thoughts.  Say something particularly cool and we may feature your comment when we discuss the poll results on next week’s podcast.

Speaking of which, E. Zachary Knight and I discussed this topic at length on Episode 10 of Super Podcast Action Committee.  Fast forward to the 49 minute mark for that segment.

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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  1. 0
    Craig R. says:

    By your "logic" nobody should ever be able to resell a book, because books can be photocopied. Nobody should ever be able to resell a CD, because CDs can be ripped.

    Your "logic" does not compute.

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    Michael Chandra says:

    All of them, or would you be willing to excuse my own vote? Not that it matters, since apparently you are calling a lot of anonymous voters liars. Which kind of means there's a decent chance you're calling me one.

    So yeah, you called me a liar. I was telling the truth. Discussion over, not debating with someone who calls me a liar without even a shred of evidence.

  3. 0
    Neeneko says:

    In other words, confirmation bais isn't enough, you will just blatantly and explicitly ignore any data that doesn't fit your narrative?

    Yeah, there are people on GP that are ok with piracy.  There are also people who are not.  Most people on this site, as I have watched them at least, are against piracy but also against the heavy handed power grabs used to fight it.  The people who claim that piracy is 'fine' are in a pretty clear minority here.

  4. 0
    Michael Chandra says:

    And because some people would be like that, you expect most people who said "of course!", including me, to be a liar? There's dumbasses around, sure. There's people that pirate because they don't feel like the hassle, or the money. I've pirated quite a few games in the days, the lack of time is my main reason not to now. But if I sell a game, or pass it to a mate, I will delete my copy. Most likely because I'm already done with it. Just like I don't pirate the DS and thus do not keep backup copies of the games I donate to family members.

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    jedidethfreak says:

    I've seen people on this very site openly claim to have pirated Batman: Arkham Asylum because of a lack of a demo, in the middle of a conversation about the demo.

    People pirate games because companies do things in an attempt to prevent piracy.

    You expect me to believe that such people will pay for a game, sell it and delete the copy they still have?  Or tell us the truth about whether they would do such or not?

  6. 0
    Papa Midnight says:

    I'd really like to think that I have a bit more honor than that… I personally would delete it. Then again, I'm pretty sure that a service like Steam would have no problem forcing me to delete it and/or invalidating the product as a term and condition of the exchange.

    <sarcasm>Speaking of Steam, I can imagine they and EA Origin are just bouncing for joy over this ruling. </sarcasm>

  7. 0
    jedidethfreak says:

    No, but I am willing to dismiss most of the people who choose that option on this site because they pirate, and pirate for BS reasons.

  8. 0
    Brosch91 says:

    More then likely I would delete it off my computer to preserve disk space. I don't usually sell games (even when I was on console) but if I did sell a game, more then likely I wasn't going to touch it again anyways, so what would be the point of keeping it on my PC. I have plenty of games sitting on my steam account and they aren't installed because I'm done playing them. If only there was a way to resell your games you legally own on steam. I could see this working if like say, you transfer the game to someone else, and your current game files are locked by steam making you unable to play your game (you know, make it work the same way as if you preloaded the game on steam)

  9. 0
    E. Zachary Knight says:

    On a side, but highly related note, the reason Steam and publishers can offer deep discounts on games (75% to 90% off) is because there are no used sales on Steam.  As soon as we can start buying and selling our licenses to/from each other, those discounts will disappear.

    No. The reason they can have such sales is because of economies of scale and the fat that they have no production costs. Absolutely nothing to do with the lack of used games. (ignoring many of the games on steam do have physical copies that get traded frequently)

    E. Zachary Knight
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    Left4Dead says:

    There is nothing about this ruling that would require Steam to provide free downloads of the content – just that they must make it possible to do so.  Bandwidth costs money, so if I sell my copy of a game to a friend, my friend or I should have to pay a buck or two to Steam to complete the transaction and cover the operating costs of the Steam platform (i.e. future downloads over the lifetime of ownership by the new owner).

    On a side, but highly related note, the reason Steam and publishers can offer deep discounts on games (75% to 90% off) is because there are no used sales on Steam.  As soon as we can start buying and selling our licenses to/from each other, those discounts will disappear.

    What I find annoying is that I can't buy games on other digital platforms and transfer the license to another digital platform via linked, verified accounts.  Direct2Drive and Impulse occasionally have really good deals but I like Steam's digital platform better.  However, since I can't transfer digital licenses, I don't buy games through anything but Steam (and retail box).

    -- Left4Dead --

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    DanHoyt says:

    I'm a little intrigued by something that was mentioned in the July 3 article.

    "Therefore the new acquirer of the user licence, such as a customer of UsedSoft, may, as a lawful acquirer of the corrected and updated copy of the computer program concerned, download that copy from the copyright holder's website," the Court said.

    Does this mean that a site like Steam should or could sell used copies alongside new copies? And if they did, would there actually be any difference between a new and used copy? All we're talking about is computer files, they don't really get smudged or physically degrade. Also, if they did sell used copies, would anyone buy a new copy if there was a used copy for sale?

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    DanHoyt says:

    I think I'd delete my own copy like a good moral person, but I thought about it for a while before coming to that conclusion and that lack of a quick response leads me to believe that most people will not.

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    jedidethfreak says:

    Considering all the people on this site that think piracy is okay, I would believe that a vast majority of people who claim that they'd delete their sold copy are liars.

    I also find the backhanded statement "Or do publishers have a good reason to frequently treat us like criminals?" when there are so many people on this very site who outright admit to pirating just about everything for the stupidest of reasons absolutely hilarious.

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