More QuakeCon 2012 Details Revealed

July 18, 2012 -

With QuakeCon kicking off on August 2, organizers decided that now is as good a time as any to detail some of the special things going on at the annual event dedicated to id Software's beloved first-person shooter franchise. With Zenimax now owning the studio responsible for Quake and Doom, you can expect to see some games in the works from Zenimax Online and Bethesda as well.

Attendees will probably want to check out several discussion panels featuring id Software executive producer Marty Stratton, president and CEO of Insomniac Games Ted Price, writer Chet Faliszek and developer Tom Leonard from Valve, and Spike TV's GameTrailers host Geoff Keighley. The event will also offer a show floor showing off various exhibitors’ games as well as taking part in a number of game tournaments.

QuakeCon attendees will have the opportunity to play Dishonored, the supernatural assassin action game from Arkane Studios, and DOOM 3 BFG Edition, a full collection of DOOM games from id Software. Both will be playable at Bethesda’s booth in the Exhibit Hall.

General admission for QuakeCon is free, but the official site offers a number of packages that promise attendees various perks and access to special events. You can find out more about all that - including how to get to the event - at Pre-registration for the event ends July 23.

Organizers also announced the tournament line-up for this year's event here.


Re: More QuakeCon 2012 Details Revealed

I'd like a new Hexen game even if it would be as bad as Quake 4 or Rage, other than that take Ultimate Doom,Quake 1-2 and port it to their newest engine, even the Bethesda one :P.

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