EGLS Gives Into Pressure, Promises to Modify Armed Heroes Online

Yesterday we reported on Chinese mobile developer Entertainment Game Labs being accused by Runic Games president Travis Baldree of stealing art and sound assets from his company's popular action-RPG Torchlight. After getting some unwanted attention from the press and from fans, the company said today that it will modify "some parts" of its iOS MMO Armed Heroes Online.

While Entertainment Game Labs continues to deny that it stole assets from Torchlight for its game, it has decided to make alterations to Armed Heroes Online in the wake of some very public scrutiny and the game being yanked from Apple App Store. It was available yesterday on the Canadian Apple Store.

"Players always come first," wrote an EGLS representative in a prepared statement. "There, we prefer to modify some parts of Armed Heroes Online where have caused those disputes rather than go on arguing. As long as this carves out a way out of angry disputes, it will be definitely worth our efforts."

There’s a lesson in there somewhere for copycats: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but wholesale copying flatters no one…

Source: Polygon

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