Epic Not Ruling Out ‘Always On’ Requirement for Fortnite

Epic Games producer Tanya Jessen has said that the company has not ruled out the possibility of requiring that users always be connected to a server in order to play its upcoming zombie survival game Fortnite. While digital rights management is a factor, Jessen says that what the company does will be more dependent on gameplay and platform.

"That’s something we don’t know yet," said Jessen. "It’s going to be really dependent on gameplay, and it’s also dependent on platform – the method of getting updates and stuff like that. So I can’t say for sure today one way or another whether or not we're going to use it.”

Of course, Fortnite is mostly a multiplayer game – at least according to previews like this one – so it's hard to compare its "always on" usage to games like Diablo III which offer a single-player component. But if the requirement is strongly tied to some sort of DRM than that is a different debate.

"Fortnite is a game that’s being developed as a co-op experience primarily," Jessen continued. "That’s our number one focus. This is a game you’re going to want to play with your friends, and it’s most fun with your friends. So whatever we decide to do there is going to be more relevant to the most fun experience you can have with your friends [than it is to piracy]. But I can’t nail that down today."

Source: RPS by way Develop.

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