Heroes of Newerth Goes Free-to-Play

Consider this a public service announcement. Developer S2 Games announced that, starting today, all players of its multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game Heroes of Newerth will have full access to all of the game's 107 heroes. Prior to today's change players had to pay money to have access to premium heroes. This change effectively turns the game fully free-to-play.

Prior to this change, players could take advantage of a weekly rotating pool of 16 free heroes with the option to purchase individual heroes with in-game or real world currency. Early Access heroes will still be available for purchase under a four-week trial period, but with free access to the entire hero pool, players will be able to play the game in its entirety without limitation.

With the launch of All Heroes Free, any player who purchased a released hero with in-game or real world currency within fifteen days before July 20th will also receive a refund. Any player who has ever purchased a hero with real world currency will receive the exclusive Mecha Gemini avatar for free, including Legacy players. Mecha Gemini is the super robot avatar of the hero Gemini. In addition to the avatar, all Legacy players will begin earning more rewards for each match played.

S2 Games is also working on rolling out a new game mode, tentatively called "Gated Mode." The new mode will offer new players a more controlled environment so they can learn how to play the game.

For more details, check out HeroesofNewerth.com.


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