Volition Addresses Ongoing Saints Row The Third PC Performance Issues

In a short statement posted on the Saints Row: The Third forums, Volition acknowledges that there are still problems with the PC version of the popular over-the-top action game several months after it was released on Steam, and that they are still hard at work trying to iron out problems that still exist.

The THQ-owned studio said that they know that certain AMD/ATi GPU's are suffering from stuttering and general performance problems – even on high end machines. While the company notes that multiple patches have helped improve performance for some players slightly, the problems still exist. You can check out the full statement below:

Hey everyone,

It's been a few months since Saints Row: The Third hit Steam and as you know an issue has come up where certain AMD/ATi GPU's are experiencing micro-stuttering and general performance drops on capable machines. This has mostly been seen with cards in the 5xxx or 6xxx range.

Our team has provided multiple patches and updates attempting to correct this issue by adjusting key parts of Saints Row: The Third at the guidance of AMD/ATi, and they have shown mild improvement. Those with SLI no longer see micro-stuttering, and based on our performance tests, we've been able to increase overall performance. For those with affected cards, we're still not up the level of quality we all expect from a Volition game, and we thank you for your patience as we work with AMD for a solution. As soon as we have more updates regarding this issue, we'll be sure to let you know.

Thanks again,


Source: Joystiq

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