Colorado Shooter Appears in Court

Twenty-four-year-old college student James Holmes appeared in court this morning to face charges for killing 12 and wounding 79 others at a midnight screening of the film "The Dark Knight Rises" on Friday in Aurora, Colorado. The Courthouse News report described the suspect as looking "dazed and exhausted" as he appeared in court wearing the standard issue maroon prison jumpsuit. Holmes made no comments during the hearing, though his bright orange hair seemed to lend some credence to a statement he made to police shortly after being taken into custody outside the theater about being "The Joker."

During the hearing Holmes was assigned a public defender and was formally charged with multiple accounts for first-degree murder. He could also face several counts of aggravated assault and weapons violations. Family members of some of the victims also attended the hearing.

Prosecutor Carol Chambers told media after the hearing that her office is considering asking for the death penalty in the case but would consult with victims' families before making any decision on that.

"At this point, everyone is interested in a fair trial," she said.

Source: Courthouse News

"Gavel and sound block isolated on white background" © Rangizz / Shutterstock. All rights reserved, used with permission.

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