Critical Path Documentary Trailer Features a Who’s Who of the Games Industry

Polygon offers some details on Critical Path, a documentary that takes an in-depth look at the art of game development using a series of interviews with a who's who of game developers and game industry luminaries. The documentary is being called an "open documentary" project and it is being put together by Los Angeles-based entertainment group Artifact. The documentary project has been in production for right around two years and offers a multitude of small interview clips with industry veterans talking about the "the art, philosophy, politics and psychology of video games."

So far, the documentary features such brand name developers as Chris Hecker, Cliff Bleszinski, Clint Hocking, David Cage, David Jones, David Littman, Denis Dyack, Frank Lantz, Greg Zeschuk, Hideo Kojima, Ian Bogost, Jason Rohrer, Jenova Chen, John Carmack, Jordan Mechner, Joseph Staten, Kellee Santiago, Ken Levine, Nolan Bushnell, Peter Molyneux, Raph Koster, Ray Muzyka, Rhianna Pratchett, Richard Garriott, Richard Hilleman, Rob Pardo, Rod Humble, Sid Meier, Stig Asmussen, Susan Wu, Tim Schafer, Toby Gard, Todd Howard, Toru Iwatani, Warren Spector, Will Wright, and Yoshinori Ono.

Viewers can have an impact by weighing in on future interviews, and the full-length documentary film and a mobile application are "expected soon."

You can learn more about the project here. A brand new trailer featuring some of those interview clips can be found at the aforementioned site.

Source: Polygon

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