Dead Trigger Game Goes Free, Piracy Blamed

In a statement on Facebook, game developer Madfinger Games claims that the piracy rate for its Android zombie shooting game was "unbelievably high." The game had been priced at a mere 99 cents, but the developers say that the low price point didn’t stop pirates from stealing the game and using it for free.

As a result the company has announced that the Android version of the game is now completely free to play and enjoy. When we say free, we do not mean "free-to-play," for the record.

Madfinger said that Dead Trigger will not be a free-to-play app, and that "all players are able to play without in-app purchases." Dead Trigger is available now from the Google Play store for free. The iOS version, which apparently hasn't suffered from the same problems, is available for $0.99. You can find the game on Google Play.

Some consumers who bought the game are slightly peeved by this decision:

"Well, after paying for the game they changed the price to free (given their IAPs, it should have been from the start)," reads on irate customer's review on Google Play. "That adds insult to injury. If they are going to switch models this close after launch, early adopters should get some form of restitution, like 1 dollar worth of gold. As it stands, I can recommend now that it's free. This mitigates many of my previous complaints. However as a customer who already paid, the complaints still stand for me. Also, Tapjoy wall works MAYBE 50% of the time."

Source: Polygon

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