Eight Million Gamigo Accounts in The Wild

According to hacking-alert service PwnedList over eight million users who frequent the online gaming service Gamigo have had their personal data compromised. According to the site, a security breach in March of this year led to the theft of usernames, passwords, and email addresses onto the password-cracking site Inside Pro.

Luckily Gamigo users concerned about their private information floating in the wilds of the Internet can visit the site, sign up for a free account and see if their data has been compromised.

"It's the largest leak I've ever actually seen," said PwnedList founder Steve Thomas.

Interestingly, a post on Inside Pro claims that those involved in the security breach (or those who later got their hands on the data) claim that they had found 94 percent of users' information. They also noted that 5,000 of the encrypted email addresses included the word "gamigo" – hinting that the data was stolen directly from Gamigo's servers.

Naturally users who have Gamigo accounts should change their passwords if they haven't already – particularly those accounts created before March of this year.

Source: Polygon

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