German Consumer Group Demands Packaging Changes for Diablo III

Gaming Blend is reporting that the German consumer advocacy group the Federation of Consumer Organizations is giving Blizzard until July 27 to fix problems with its "always on" DRM system for Diablo III or it will seek a remedy in court. The group warned Blizzard in June that it wanted the company to change its retail packaging to reflect that the game required an Internet connection to play and that the connection must be persistent.

The group also said that Blizzard should have known that it would have a rocky launch due to the required constant connection to and the large number of players that would want to play the game on launch day all over the world.

Gaming Blend's report is based on a rough translation of a story that appeared on German gaming web site PC Gamer.

We will have more on this story as it develops. Assuming it goes to court and Blizzard loses, it could be forced to compensate gamers like it had to in South Korea. In that country the government forced Blizzard to give refunds to some customers. The decision was based on a law in South Korea that allows customers seven days from the date of purchase to get a refund…

Source: Gaming Blend

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