RuneScape to Go Multi-Platform, Claims Jagex

Develop is reporting that Jagex plans to take its 200-million registered users-strong MMO RuneScape to the next level with some multi-platform versions of the game. Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard told Develop that the studio’s long-term plan for the game has always been to make it ubiquitous on any device that can connect to the Internet, and to make it available in multiple languages.

He promised a major step forward in the MMORPG in the "coming months." Gerhard did not specify which platforms and devices the company plans to bring RuneScape to.

"Our vision was to be platform and language agnostic,” said Gerhard. "Going global with it, and being ubiquitous on any device that’s connected to the internet is very much where we’re headed. There’s going to be a big step forward on that front in just a few months time. It will be a major innovative step forward, and a square, solid move towards being multi-platform."

Gerhard went on to say that the company's "number one focus" is to continue to create fun for its players wherever they are and whatever "ecosystem" they are in.

Source: Develop

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