Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Banned in Europe

Litigation continues in the never-ending fight between Apple and Samsung over patents. Apple has managed to secure a ban on Samsung's popular tablet in all of Europe. Apple has won a preliminary injunction against the Samsung's Galaxy Tab 7.7 in all European Union member countries. While the tablet was already banned in Germany, the new ruling means that Apple can return to the German court if Samsung sells the tablet in Europe and ask the court for remedies.

According to Florian Mueller of Foss Patents, this could mean a hefty fine for Samsung or (in an extreme and unlikely scenario) call for the arrest and imprisonment of the company's management. The one caveat for Apple, according to Mueller, is that Samsung can still sell the device in the UK because of a recent court ruling there. Still, the German court could impose a sanction because the UK is a member of the EU.

On the plus side, a separate ruling by Germany's Dusseldorf Higher Regional Court upheld a lower court ruling that the Galaxy Tab 10.1N no longer violates Apple's patents, and is free to go on sale. That ruling was also issued on a preliminary basis.

Source: Tech Radar

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