Help Angela Merkel Flip Out in LeaderFlip

It isn't particularly sophisticated, but klutzGames' Windows Phone 7 release of LeaderFlip does let players (particularly those in Germany) have a bit of fun with Chancellor of Germany and Chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Union Angela Merkel — I mean Angie Makel. The game lets you play as a caricature of the German Chancellor who you must send to the moon by flipping her upwards on platforms using a simple game mechanic and a variety of power-ups that include beer, sausage, and beans. You can also buy Angie a variety of accessories (hats, bags, clothes, etc.) to keep her looking sharp.

The developers promise that future updates to the game will include other world leaders, but for now it's Angie Makel or nothing… LeaderFlip is also available for iOS and Android.

You can learn more about the game here or watch a video presentation of it to your left.

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