Irrational Games Job Listing Tied to Metacritic Score

July 26, 2012 -

A job listing from Irrational Games has a peculiar requirement: the applicant has to have worked on a game receiving an average score of 85 or higher. The job posting, which can be found on Gamasutra's Jobs section, seeks applicants to fill a Design Manager position at the company for its Boston offices. While the usual requirements for such a position are straightforward, the media has picked up on the following line under the "REQUIREMENTS" section of the job listing:

"Credit on at least one game with an 85+ Average Meta Critic Review Score."

While developers are probably used to having their bonuses tied to hitting a certain average Metacritic score, this is the first time (as far as I am aware of) that the reviews site aggregator is affecting who gets hired at a particular company. On the other hand, having such a requirement certainly weeds out who is capable of applying for the position...

Irrational Games is currently working on the third game in its popular BioShock franchise, Bioshock Infinite.

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Re: Irrational Games Job Listing Tied to Metacritic Score

This reminds me of those companies that tie hiring to your 'klout' score... probably seems like a good, hip idea.. but likely isn't...

Re: Irrational Games Job Listing Tied to Metacritic Score

It is for a management position with far more responsibility than what a designer or programmer would have.  Sounds like an interesting requirement but publishers tend to have a lot of say in what a game should do, so this requirement might be a bit "irrational".  85 is a HARD score to hit in the first place let alone anything over 90.  It takes not just skill, but a lot of luck to get the right mix on a game.  And the very next game could easily fail.  There is no magic formula that will guarantee a successful game.

This might indicate that they are having internal issues with the production of Bioshock Infinite and that is why they need someone to come in and take the reigns to guide the game to completion.

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Re: Irrational Games Job Listing Tied to Metacritic Score

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