Kill Screen Magazine Issue #6: Change

The latest issue of Kill Screen Magazine explores the trials and tribulations of the most inspirational or frightening topic this year (depending on your perspective): CHANGE.

The latest issue of Kill Screen Magazine explores the intersections between games and real life with stories that touch on the past, present, and future. Some of the features in Issue #6 include a discussion with Ralph Baer (the father of videogames) about the industry he helped start; a history lesson with former Parker Brothers CEO Rich Stearns on the amazing portfolio of game licenses cereal giant General Mills once held and how it failed to utilize them; and a look at an unfinished RPG called Ultimate Newcomer that began development during the Cold War behind the Iron Curtain.

Issue #6 also offers a feature on the benefits and drawbacks of biofeedback research; a look at a JFK assassination simulator; an article on a 12 step process that supposedly helps gaming addicts; and a feature on finding the last remaining arcades in America's arcades.

Change is good.

You can purchase Kill Screen Magazine Issue #6 in print for $15 or in digital format for $4.99.

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