OnLive on OUYA at Launch

Cloud-based game streaming service OnLive confirmed today via its official blog that it will be available on the OUYA console. The Android-based $99 console will have the benefit of OnLive's streaming services which will bring a massive library of PC games to OUYA users. The service will be available on day one of the console's launch to boot.

OnLive claims that the benefits to users are access to "hundreds of top-tier games from more than 80 publishers to the OUYA console for play on demand," the ability to play games "home on their OUYA console" and on the go using other mobile and portable platforms already supported, and access to demos for the most popular games such as Ravaged and Darksiders II.

You can read more about OnLive's plans on the OUYA here. So far the OUYA Kickstarter has generated $5,601,802 in pledged funding from 43,743 backers with 12 days to go. Originally the creators of the console were looking to raise $950,000.

For more information on how this deal helps OUYA backers, check out this Kickstarter update. There's even a new picture of the OUYA controller in there…

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