Super Podcast Action Committee - Lucky Episode 13

July 30, 2012 -

We ignore the taboo of the number 13 to present you with Episode 13 of the Super Podcast Action Committee. We have no fear in us. This week Andrew Eisen and E. Zachary Knight talk about Gamers Against Bigotry, GameStop's plans for selling used digital games in Europe, the Humble Music Bundle, and Gamasutra's article about developers working in war-torn countries. Download Episode 13 here: SuperPAC Episode 13 (1 Hour, 8 Minutes).

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Re: Super Podcast Action Committee - Lucky Episode 13

Skips/stops: 13:13 and 47:42.

Re: Super Podcast Action Committee - Lucky Episode 13

Doesn't stop or skip in either place for me.  There's an audio glitch right after 13:13 (sounds a bit like a vinal record scratch) but that's it.


Andrew Eisen

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