Comcast to Begin Usage-Based Billing Trial Run in Nashville August 1

If you live in Nashville, Tennessee then you probably use Comcast for most of your internet needs, but a new trial in the region that begins tomorrow will change the way you use your internet connection for gaming and entertainment. Starting Wednesday, August 1, Comcast will test a new usage-based broadband policy on its Nashville customers. The company will data cap its customers at 300 GB a month and anyone that goes over that threshold will be charged an additional $10 per 50 GB of additional data used.

When a customer goes over 300 GB, Comcast will warn them three times over the course of a year before they incur the $10 charge and will be sent emails and in-browser notifications as well. Comcast will also send customers emails and in-browser notifications when a customer reaches a 90 percent and 100 percent threshold of their monthly data usage allowance.

In May the company announced that it would be suspending its 250 GB data cap enforcement for broadband subscribers in order to test out new policies in select regions.

One of the biggest complaints that internet advocacy groups had when the FCC established its net neutrality rules is that it left servers providers free to implement usage-based billing and data caps. Customers that watch a lot of Internet video content or play games that require GB's of data to be downloaded (like MMO's and games such as Diablo III) may find it very easy to hit their data cap limits almost every month.

Source: CED Magazine

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