Richard Stallman Calls Steam on Linux ‘Unethical’

While some in the Linux community have lauded the idea of Steam coming to the popular open-source operating system, some like Richard Stallman think it is not a good idea. Richard Stallman is better known as the founder of the Free Software Foundation and the GNU operating system. He has said publicly that charging users for DRM-protected games on an open-source platform is "unethical".

"Non-free game programs (like other non-free programs) are unethical because they deny freedom to their users," wrote Stallman on his blog. "If you want freedom, one requisite for it is not having non-free programs on your computer."

Instead, Richard Stallman has urged Linux users to source titles from the Free Game Dev Forums.

"However, if you're going to use these games, you're better off using them on GNU/Linux rather than on Microsoft Windows."

While he initially dislikes the idea of Steam on GNU platforms, he does ultimately admit that playing games on Linux is a better prospect than doing so under a Windows operating system. Still he says that having commercial games on the platform causes other problems.

"Any GNU/Linux distro [distribution] that comes with software to offer these games will teach users that the point is not freedom," said Stallman. "Non-free software in GNU/Linux distros already works against the goal of freedom. Adding these games to a distro would augment that effect."

Source: BBC

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