Gamers Against Bigotry Raise Over $3K via IndieGoGo

On July 25 we reported that Gamers Against Bigotry had suffered a number of attacks and lost 1500 pledges to its cause. Relenting slightly, the group decided to launch an IndieGoGo campaign to raise awareness and $700 to fund ongoing operations. With a few hours left to go the organizers are happy to report that the campaign has managed to generate $3,252 so far.

Gamers Against Bigotry is a group of gamers that have asked the gaming community to make a pledge towards good behavior while playing games online. The core of their message is that gamers can have fun and be themselves without using the language of hate. This, they say makes gamers of all genders, race, sexual orientation, and other identities come together and have a good time.

Some in the community did not agree with this message and defaced the official website a number of times. While organizers had a bad go of it, ultimately the community did its best to support them and show them that there are people out there that agree with their message.

You can contribute to the IndieGoGo campaign here, but time is running out.

On a related note, check out Episode 13 of the Super Podcast Action Committee for a lengthy discussion on the group and its recent troubles.

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