Blame Game: Former White House Official Blames Video Games for Colorado Shooting

August 2, 2012 -

An editorial in the Baltimore Sun written by former White House and Pentagon official Douglas MacKinnon laments the "lessons lost" that could have come out of the Aurora, Colorado shooting about what the author calls "a culture that desensitizes us to violence." While his general sentiment that there are lessons to be learned about the shooting, what those lessons are or might be are up for debate.

First he laments about how quickly the news cycle has let this tragedy begin to fade given the impact it has had on victims and families of the shooter James Holmes. He then laments the lack of discussion on gun control, noting that if this shooting won't prompt a discussion on it than nothing will. Ultimately he sees the tragedy as an act of "terrorism."

But the most ridiculous part of the editorial relates to video games:

"As someone who knows a bit about the media and is also a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, I was shocked by how little attention was paid to the ultra-violent video games that now sell in the tens of millions in our country. After the tragedy in Aurora, I spoke with some teenage boys of friends of mine. Each and every one admitted to playing violent video games. Some on a daily basis for hours at a time. When I asked them how many "bad guys" they kill in these games (often times in the most gruesome and graphically visual ways imaginable), one of the boys said, "Oh, over the course of a year, I kill thousands of bad guys."

He goes on to say that the Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. EMA was good for the "$25 billion a year industry" but "bad news for the rest of us," that there are 100 million gamers in the U.S. that have been "desensitized to violence" and that the video game industry needs to be "more sensitive to this tragedy and its victims" going forward. He also name drops the Oslo, Norway shooter who – he asserts – trained using video games…

Finally he voices his disdain over the "elaborate preview and promotion for Halo 4" during the Dark Knight Rises, which he calls "one of the most violent video game series of all time." MacKinnon describes the inclusion of Halo 4 in the previews (in the wake of the shooting) as "beyond offensive and disrespectful."

Source: Baltimore Sun

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Re: Blame Game: Former White House Official Blames Video ...

It is sad to think that a man of such low intelligence and reasoning was in such a such a high position of power in government. But then again, so are 90% of people in the government to being with. The only way they see with dealing with problems is to curtail our individual rights and freedoms, whether it be the first, second or any other amendments of the constitution.

Both the Dems and Repubs need to be sweeped out of office and replaced with those who believe in liberty as well as personal choice and responsibility.

"No law means no law" - Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black on the First Amendment

Re: Blame Game: Former White House Official Blames Video ...

Somebody needs to read a little about human history.

Re: Blame Game: Former White House Official Blames Video ...

What im wondering is why does this guy have teenage boys as friends? and seriously how much are we going to have to hear over and over. though it was a good laugh reading about how his "teenage friends" like to kill "bad guys"



as for the colorado thing i say dont give him a trial and just use him for  shooting range and get it over with

Re: Blame Game: Former White House Official Blames Video ...

The article says he spoke to "some teenage boys of friends of mine".  as in, he has friends who have sons that are teenagers.

Re: Blame Game: Former White House Official Blames Video ...

Bad for the rest of us?  I'm not in the industry and it's not bad for me. Stop claiming to speak for me, you crotchety old man.

Re: Blame Game: Former White House Official Blames Video ...

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