Dead Trigger Now Free on iOS Devices

Dead Trigger developer Madfinger Games has made the iOS version of the game free, following reports earlier this month that it would make the Android version of its zombie shooter a free downloaded due to "unbelievably high" levels of piracy. Today the company has taken the same action for the iPad and iPhone version of the game, though its claims about piracy on this platform seem to be slightly more subdued.

Madfinger Games CEO Marek Rabas did say that "the number of pirates on iOS is comparable with the amount of jailbroken devices." Rabas also noted his disappointment with the protection from piracy that both Google and Apple are currently providing app developers. He sounds off about that in-depth in this GameZebo feature article if you are interested..

And for those players who are upset of the game becoming "freemium," there's a silver lining: they will give some free in-game loot that other players will have to buy. Still, many Dead Trigger early adopters feel slighted by the move…

Source: Polygon

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