Election Game 2012: Race for the White House Released

August 2, 2012 -

While Political Machine 2012 is probably the de facto election year strategy game of choice for PC and Mac players right now, those looking to run a campaign on iOS and Android devices can always check out Election Game 2012: Race for the White House. While we can't attest to the quality of this game (we haven't played it personally) developer Lunagames promises a down and dirty political campaign to win the highest office in the land: the presidency.

Lunagames calls the Election Game 2012 a "fun strategy game" that offers the ability to choose your favorite politician (President Barack Obama or Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney), make TV appearances, take questionable campaign funds, rally volunteers, run political ads in regions where you need votes, the ability to react to "humorous" world news, raise campaign funds, and a whole lot more.

The game is free and available now for iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.


Re: Election Game 2012: Race for the White House Released

The one thing that ticks be off about these games is the that they default to the two major parties. It is perpetuating the myth that the US is a two party system and that 3rd parties are not viable.

I will gladly donate to the development of a game that allows for runs as 3rd parties.

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