GaymerCon Raises over $14,000 in Two Days

With a little under two days of activity the Kickstarter campaign for GaymerCon has managed to raise $14,192 of its $25,000 goal from 246 backers, with 28 more days to go. As we mentioned yesterday, GaymerCon is a two-day event set to take place in August of 2013 in San Francisco.

The organizers of the event say the goal is to create a fun and comfortable space for gamers of all types, regardless of creed, color, or sexual orientation. The money will be spent to secure a decent venue for the event, but if they manage to generate enough funding above and beyond that $25,000 goal, then obviously the venue and other activities will be a lot better because they'll have more resources to work with.

When we interviewed Matt Conn (one of the organizers) earlier this year (you can listen to that interview here) we asked him if he thought gays, lesbians, and transgendered gamers already had a comfortable space at existing events like PAX. He pointed out that those events really cater to the 18 – 34-year-old straight white male demographic, and that someone that is, for example, transgendered would probably not be as welcomed at such an event by everyone there.

You can learn more about GaymerCon here and contribute to the Kickstarter here.

We will continue to follow the funding levels for the event and report any milestones as details become available.

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