Microsoft Improving Xbox Live Anti-Harassment Tools

Microsoft is "working toward improvements" to community moderation on Xbox Live, according to a report on Polygon. The company is working towards more robust automated moderation tools, including algorithms that can reportedly detect repeat offenders and mute them automatically.

You may recall that an episode of the video show Extra Credits tackled the issue of online harassment in April, with show writer James Portnow urging fans of the show to contact Microsoft in support of more robust harassment enforcement on Xbox Live. Microsoft ultimately listened and invited James Portnow to its Redmond, Washington headquarters to discuss the issue at length.

Speaking to Polygon, a Microsoft Spokesperson offered very few details on the changes that came out of the four-hour meeting with Portnow:

"We have several plans for both near- and long-term product and service enhancements that we have been working on, and we shared those with Mr. Portnow. At this time, we don't have anything to share publicly."

The spokesperson went on to say that "bullying and harassment are not welcome on Xbox LIVE," and that more can be done to create "a safer and supportive play environment."

Source: Polygon

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