Dead Trigger Developer: Piracy Can’t Be Stopped

You can't fight city hall, and apparently you can't fight piracy online either – at least according to Dead Trigger developer Madfinger Games. The company made news earlier this month when it turned the Andorid version of its zombie shooting game "freemium," claiming that the Android version of the game had such a high piracy rate that the game needed to be free with micro-transactions. Last week the company turned the iOS version of the game freemium for similar reasons.

"We just simply enjoy making games," Madfinger Games CEO Marek Rabas told Gamezebo recently. "That is why we are here. So, why dwell on the fact that 80 percent to 90 percent of the people do not respect your hard work and steal the game? Games are always stolen, there is not much we can do about it. I do not believe that piracy can be stopped.”

While Rabas has resigned himself to this "truth," he goes on to say that platform holders like Google and Apple need to do more to fight against piracy.

"In my opinion, the amount of piracy is equal to how easy the pirating is, and the game developer has nothing to do with it," he said. "It is really very sad for us and the gaming industry that with a few clicks of a mouse (err.. touches), a user can install the game and use it for free. It‘s definitely easier than setting up an account on iTunes or Google Play, filling out large forms and answering all security questions."

"This is why we need help with security from the companies who make the hardware. Their hardware is selling because of our content, and they should protect our games from being stolen."

Source: MCV

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