GaymerCon Surpasses Funding Goal in Less Than Five Days

GaymerCon the first-ever all-inclusive fan gaming event that promises a friendly and fun atmosphere for gamers and geeks to get together for two days in San Francisco (August of 2013), has managed to surpass its funding goal of $25,000 in just a few days via a Kickstarter campaign. With 25 more days to go, the GaymerCon Kickstarter has managed to generate $28,471 (as of this writing) in funding from 560 backers.

As we have mentioned before, extra funding over the amount organizers were aiming for will be used to secure a better venue and other refinements that will make the two-day event better.

With 25 more days to go, we expect that organizers will secure enough funding to do some exciting things. You can pledge your support and learn more about GaymerCon here.

We will continue to follow this project as report any further milestones in the month ahead.

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